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Choose and order the right made to measure blinds.

Our made to measure blinds are custom made to your exact window measurements for the perfect fit. We offer a selection of different blind types in a comprehensive range of fabrics, which includes plain colours, woven textures, embroideries, sheers and prints. Our blind types include; roller, roman, vertical and fifty50.

Blinds have many versatile applications and are often a personal choice. Certain blinds are often preferred for specific room types e.g. Kitchen (Roller Blinds), Bedroom (Blackout Roman or Roller Blinds), Patio Doors (Vertical Blinds) and Bathrooms (Waterproof Roller Blinds).

Fifty50 Blinds offer the best option for complete light control, so are perfect for bedrooms and living spaces. Layering windows with two or more products can be an excellent way to achieve privacy whilst allowing natural light to pass into the room.

Blind Types


Roller Blinds are fabric wound on a roll, hence the name! They can be lifted/lowered to whatever height you need.


Roman Blinds are made from soft fabric that hangs in neat folds when open, and sits flat when fully extended. A choice of lining qualities are available.


Fifty50 Blinds are double layer Roller Blinds which allow for an open or closed position relating to the sheer/solid weave of the fabric. This Blind gives you a system that controls light and privacy.


Vertical louvres of fabric are clipped on to a head rail at the top and operated with a wand or chain.

For more information on our different blinds specifications, read our helpful Blinds Buying Guide.